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University of Western Ontario is amongst Top-5 in Canada







About Western University:


Western University (Circa 1878)

  • Modelled after the University structure in London England.
  • Like Oxford and Cambridge it has Affiliated University Colleges where undergraduate courses can be studied
  • Very large medical science facilities, engineering facilities, medical school, Richard Ivey Business School, and law school (specializing in corporate law) with Masters and PhD programs in almost all areas of academic study
  • The student strength at Western is 35000 students
  • Western is the city’s largest employer
  • It is the Province’s 4th largest University next only to University of Toronto, York University, and the University of Ottawa
  • Well known globally for its specialized research facilities, academic programs, Olympic athletes and sports teams, and within Canada, it has been ranked the Number-1 undergraduate student experience for the past 10 years
  • The Campus is centrally located within the cities luxurious northwest corner, known for its castle like buildings and beautiful campus.

King’s University College (Circa 1954)

  • One of the campuses where undergraduate study takes place
  • Largest and newest affiliated college with an undergraduate population of 3500 full time students
  • Known for its large percentage of international students from over 35 different countries, generous scholarships and award winning teaching faculty
  • Class sizes never exceeds over 100 students and the average class size is 50-60 students in first year classes

All About the Campus - London, Ontario

  • Very close to Milton, Brampton, Mississauga and Toronto (less than 200 km or 1.5-2 hr drive)
  • Population is more than 350000 with over 50000 students between Western University and Fanshawe College
  • Major Employment Sectors: Health Sciences, Business, Finance, Insurance, Trade, Education, Government
  • Very safe city with low crime rates and its own London Police Services
  • London is known for its green atmosphere as “the forest city’
  • London Ontario is modelled after the city London England with similar street names and landmarks




Programs Offered:




Bachelors of Management and Organizational Studies – Degree awarded by UWO


Specializations in


Global Commerce

Management & Organizational Studies

Organizational & Human Resources

Finance and Administration


Bachelors of Social Science – Degree awarded by UWO


Specializations in





Political Science







Entry Requirements:


Bachelors of Management and Organizational Studies: (January and September intakes)

Ø  CBSE – 73% (Mathematics not mandatory)

Ø  International Bachelorette – 26 (Minimum 6 subjects, at least 3 high level)

Ø  IELTS – 6.5/6.0 (Can be waived based on the overall profile and Grade-12 English scores)


Bachelors of Social Science: (January and September intakes)

Ø  CBSE – 71% (Mathematics not mandatory)

Ø  International Bachelorette – 26 (Minimum 6 subjects, at least 3 high level)

Ø  IELTS – 6.5/6.0 (Can be waived based on the overall profile and Grade-12 English scores)



 International Excellence Award - $10,000 (75% and above in Grade-12)

$5000 in 1st Year; $5000 in 2nd Year if 80% or above in 1st Year

 Entrance Scholarship - $1,500 to $3,500 (Based on Grade-12 scores)

                                76.0% to 78.9% - $1500; 79.0% to 89.9% - $2000; 90.0% to 94.9% - $3000; 95.0% or above - $3500

Merit Leadership Award - $1,500 (Based on student’s extra-curricular activities)

Work Experience Program – Guaranteed on-campus job of up to 20 hrs/month





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Point of contact for applications and follow-ups:-


Pune: 09011459986



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