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The admission process

We encourage students to personally meet us for a consultation. Although we can talk via email or phones, yet direct consultation is most effective at clarifying queries. When you meet us, our counselor will talk with you and your guardians to interpret the career requirements. This makes it easy for us to help you select the right courses from different Australian Universities. You need to select the college/university first before applying for the visa. You would need to furnish the letter of enrollment with your visa application.


So, our service starts by helping you with the admission process. We can help you to find any kind of courses in Australia. There are several good universities in the country. You can find several progressive programs crucial for your career growth. When there are multiple options, we shall help you in making the best decision.


The visa process

After you get the enrollment letter, we shall mentor you for the visa interview. By conducting mock interview simulations, we prepare candidates to face unexpected questions with confidence. About the expected queries, our professionals shall instruct you. Essentially, mentoring is all about helping you to brush your confidence in honesty and transparency. Sometimes, being transparent is difficult for some students. The interviewer shall gauge this easily. You need to be sure of your ultimate purpose for providing the right answers.


The financial aspect

The funding is another crucial aspect. The course fees shall vary from one university to another. In addition, you have to bear the living expenses. We shall help in calculating a tentative amount you would need per month after paying the lump-sum amount as course fees. The Government and some private organizations offer scholarship programs for eligible candidates. Some universities may have student swapping programs with Indian colleges. We keep track of all developments to help you manage the costs. If you need financial assistance, we are here with direct help. Our services include furnishing of education loans under reasonable paying conditions.


Settling in Australia

Settling in a new culture can be challenging. We can help you with our connections in Australia. We have been helping many students from different parts of India to continue their education in different cities in Australia. As a result, you will not be far from a helping hand at a distant Australian city. We try our best to arrange someone who can see that you receive a good initial accommodation. Once you settle, you can always find your own place to stay. You can also work part-time besides continuing your studies. We shall offer the necessary guidance helping you to find a suitable part-time occupation managing your expenses.


Other Details

Living Expenditure (per annum): 18000 AUS $ 

Average Tuition Fees: 12000 to 15000 Aus $ 

Part Time Work: 20 hrs per week 

IELTS: 5.5 bands for UG and 6 bands for PG 

Post Study Work Permit: 2 years after bachelor's or Masters 

Courses Available: Diploma, Bachelor's , Master’s, PHD 

Funds Required for Visa: Return air fare to Australia, 1yr living expenditure and 1 year tuition fees


Australian Immigration

Many students in India choose Australia as an alternative English speaking country over US, UK, and Canada. The prospects of studying in Australia are diverse. The immigration process is complicated and diverse. International students have to know their rights on Australian soil. The student has to apply for a suitable visa. There are different categories of application. You may find it very confusing to proceed with the application procedure. Let us handle your worries on immigrating to Australia.