What is happening in Greece?

What is happening in Greece is the result of socialism playing out in the city square. But you won’t know that by reading papers or watching TV.

Greece has enacted entitlements which assure the citizens a royal life just because they are born in Greece. For example everybody gets pension. Everybody, means everybody. At the age of 57, you as a private or self employed person retire with full State pension. But there is another catch. If you work in a hazardous profession, you can re


MBA Vs Businessman

A degree of MBA doesn’t make entrepreneur, it creates only Managers!

What do you say people????


Should I do MBBS from Philippines?

Lets discuss here about the MBBS from Philippines. Looking at the quota for MBBS in India many people don't get admission in medical colleges. If the student is committed then I think he can go for MBBS from abroad. Today we have many options of doing MBBS from abroad like China, Russia, Ukraine, France and Philippines.

The key here is that student has to study in abroad very dedicatedly because if he wants to do practice in India, he needs to clear MCI screen after his course in abroad


Quora Weekly Digest Keeps Improving

I get an email every week with a subject title: Quora Weekly Digest. What began as a good idea got even better as content quality has been improving every single week.

There is always something unusual, well written, fascinating, compelling, challenging, thoughtful and inspiring in every week’s compilation.

If you read these collections of inspired Quora wisdom on a regular basis, your experience of Quora will improve, as it will include people and topics you do not follow. T

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